Grand Ave Thai Cuisine
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Thai Ice Tea 4.00

Thai Ice Coffee 4.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 2.00

Sunkist Orange Soda 2.00

Sparkling Mineral Water 2.00

Italian Sodas 3.00

Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, mango, kiwi Watermelon.

Thai Hot Tea (unsweetened) 2.00

Mango Slushy (seasonal) 4.95

Fresh mangos, mango syrup, crushed ice

Watermelon Slushy (seasonal) 4.95

Fresh watermelon, watermelon syrup, crushed ice.


(5.00 per pot) Premium Green Tea
Containing vitamin C, vitamin E, and a handful of other antioxidants, this premium grade green tea is both delicious and excellent for your health.

Green tea with toasted brown rice. Imagine the smooth taste of green tea with a toasty nutty flavor and slight overtones of sesame.

Ginger Peach (caffeinated OR decaffeinated)
Fine black tea leaves blended with the sweet lustiness of summer peaches and the subtle spiciness of ginger.

Gourmet Peppermint
Used by ancient Greeks and Romans to promote healthy digestion and total body relaxation, peppermint makes for a superbly refreshing, aromatic, and caffeine-free herbal treat.


~Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango 6.50

~Fried Banana with Mitchell's Ice Cream 6.50

~Mitchell's Ice Cream 4

 Vanilla OR Coconut

~Sweet sticky rice with ice Cream 6.50



Singha (Thai Beer) 5.00

Heineken 5.00

Corona 5.00

Budweiser 4.00


White Wines

Cedar Brook Chardonnay..7.00 / 20
A rich balance of oak, butter, and apple-pear flavors. Long finish with hints of peach and papaya.

Cedar Brook Sauvignon Blanc 7.00 / 20
Clean, fresh aromas of green apple. Flavors of citrus fruits, figs, and melons with a touch of oak.

Salmon Creek White Zinfandel 6.00 / 18
Lively aromas and flavors of strawberries and Watermelon.

Forest Glen Riesling 7.00 / 18

Floral aromatics and delectable peach and apricot fruit.

Red Wines

Cedar Brook Cabernet 7.00 / 20 
Rich blackberry and currant flavors with hints of lavender and notes of chocolate and vanilla.

Cedar Brook Merlot 7.00 / 20
Rich and full-bodied, this Merlot combines a full array of plum and cherry flavors on a frame of firm oak and tannins.

House Wines

Estrella Winery 6.00 /18
Proprietor's reserve red
 Outstanding blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet, Syrah,and Petite Sirah. Soft and ripe. Proprietor's reserve white

Corkage 8

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